July 01, 2005

KC's Karaoke Party!

I have to say I am so impressed by everyone's willingness to share their talent with the world that I felt like I just had to jump in and contribute my own special gifts. I am truly inspired by Daily Dancer with his bold moves and Cesca with her wonderful art because it takes a lot of guts to bare your artistic soul to the world. So, I have decided--considering how much I love, LOVE--karaoke, I am going to make Fridays Karaoke Party days. Yay, yay, yay. I know, it's just too exciting to contemplate, isn't it? Without further adieu, here's the first offering: Me singing that classic favorite "Conjunction Junction."

Conjunction Junction

I'm going to experiment with different ways to record my karaoke genius over the next few weeks, so the quality will probably be very if-y until I get it down. Please bear with me. I appreciate your support.

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