July 15, 2005

Karaoke Friday

For this week's song, let's go back, back, back to a more innocent time when big hair ruled, acid-washed was the only way to wear your jeans, and people actually believed George Michael was straight. As if, right? But it really happened. It really did. So in honor of Mr. Michael's long-lost heterosexuality, I present Careless Whispers for your listening pleasure:

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In other news, I would be remiss if I did not mention the release of the new Harry Potter book tomorrow because my entire family is severely addicted to Harry Potter. My husband pre-ordered off Amazon, but he actually said he's thinking about going to Wal-Mart at midnight tonight so he can get a copy right away and then return to Wal-Mart the copy he gets from Amazon tomorrow. I'm like, "If you wanted the book so damn bad that you're going to go at midnight, why did you even bother pre-ordering?" He just looked at me with that husbandly I-don't-know look. Anyway, he's alredy informed me that I better not even try to start reading until he's done with the book. But I'm thinking a bottle of chloroform and a handkerchief will get around that little instructive. The main thing I'm trying to figure out right now is if I'm going to buy the audio book in CD or cassette. My husband's car has a CD player, but my car has a tape deck. I think I'll go with tapes because my daughter likes to listen to audio books when we're driving around and we drive around in my car, so tapes would make the most sense. In the meantime, I'm going to give you my own theory about who dies in this book. I think Snape will die while protecting Harry in some way. It seems obvious to me because Snape is such a negative character in Harry's eyes, but he's obviously got Dumbledore's trust so in the end, I see Snape sacrifising himself as the only way for redemption in the minds of the reading audience. We already know from what JK Rowling has said that a "major" character will die by the end of the series. I think a lot of people thought that meant one of the kids would die, but I think it's going to be Snape.

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