April 25, 2010

So here's the thing...

The problem with blogs is that the only time some people feel compelled to post is when they want to bitch about something, which can get tiresome after awhile. This is pArticularly true of me lately. I only seem motivated to write something when I'm bothered or troubled in some way. It's got me wondering why this is the case. Wouldn't you think people would want to share the best of their lives if they are so willing to share the worst? For instance, I've only felt like writing all the stupid angsty shit I've been partial to lately. It's as if I'm 17 again. However there doesn't seem to be an end in sight for the angst, so buckle I

April 15, 2010

The funks hit everybody.

I'm starting to think this mid-life crisis thing (for women, anyway) is just the angst years. For men, this happens more in their early 20's. Lucky us, we get to be all emo at the same time our kids are. It's amazing how much of my time is spent brooding. It's pathetic, really, but I can't seem to escape it. And it never even seems to be about anything specific, it's just a general malaise and feeling of lack of ease. I don't know if it's about having this feeling where there's so much potential bottled up inside with no clear idea of how to release it, but I'm thinking it's at least part of it. Or maybe it's not so much lacking a clear idea of how to release it as much as it is there are just others responsibilities that have to come first. I'm almost starting to think it's part of why I try to keep myself so busy lately. Down time means I get lost in my thoughts, and that's kind of a dangerous place to be right now.

April 11, 2010

What am I up to now?

Right now I'm in my office uploading a bunch of software on my new iMac--which is super sweet, I must say. This is my last day of vacation and I'm in the office. Eh, it had to be done so that I could jump right into what I've got to get done when I come back in tomorrow. It was a pretty mellow week, though. Just hung around with my daughter while she was on spring break. Things pick up for me next weekend when I start doing crew for a show, but that's kind of how I like things.

Can I tell you how much I want an iPod Touch? I really, really, really, really want an iPod Touch. I don't even want it for the music, my iPod Nano is still doing just fine in that department. I want it purely for the internet applications. I've never wanted a gadget so badly in my life. It's bizarre, to tell you the truth. I don't know what about it has got me so hot to trot. But it has, oh, it has. Strangely enough, I do not want an iPad. I saw one at Best Buy (which I must add is a store where I never shop and never will again after they screwed me over with one of their pay interest-free bullshit plans, but I digress) and there was nothing about it that made me want it. It's too big to carry around in your purse, which is a key purchase consideration for me. If I can't carry it around in my purse, it's basically useless to me. So, if anyone out there is thinking they'd like to do something super swell for me just because, well wink, wink.

April 02, 2010

Podcast episode 36

My boo and I review About Last Night. We originally filmed it for our gone-too-soon webshow, but wanted to share the review with you regardless. It'll make you laugh. I promise. Listen. It'll make you feel good.