November 26, 2009

Gobble, gobble

Hey. It's 5:30 a.m., Thanksgiving, and I'm awake. I don't want to be awake, but I am. I'd probably still be asleep if my husband hadn't woken up an hour ago and screamed like a little girl while I was leaning over him to check the clock. Apparently, I startled him. At any rate, his screaming like a bitch switched the receptors in my brain from dim to fully lit, which brings us to this very moment. We'll be going over to our friends' house to eat today, but I've got a turkey thawing in the sink to cook later. We normally have Thanksgiving someplace other than home and I didn't use to make a turkey when we didn't stay here, but then I started realizing how much it sucks not having leftover turkey. And, obviously, me trying to blog in the wee hours of the morning doesn't make for very scintillating prose. Ah, well, I suppose I can't always be interesting.

I just sent a note to a friend of mine who's working as a contractor in the Middle East, and I'm wondering if he'll get any turkey today. Mind you, it doesn't sound like they're too badly set up as far as food goes with some of the stuff he's told me they get in the mess hall, but there are some things that are nice to be able to take for granted, like a nice turkey on Thanksgiving. Lobster is nice, but--you know--it's just not the same. So to all of you who are away from family and home, I hope you get good and stuffed on what you love best.

November 14, 2009

Little bit of a breather before heading off again.

So I've got approximately 15 minutes to kill before I've got to start getting stuff together for this trivia night thing the family is doing tonight. It's a fundraiser at our church for a sister parish in India. I haven't been to a trivia night in awhile, but I like them a lot. Mainly because it's one of the few times I can show off all the meaningless and useless shit crammed into my head. Normally, there aren't many appropriate opportunities for me to tell people that Lauren Bacall was only 19 when she fell in love with Humphrey Bogart (who was 45 at the time). The only bummer about the evening is that it's a sans alcohol event because it's a "family" trivia night, meaning kids will be there. In the past, I've only gone to adults-only events, which are usually BYOB. At any rate, this is a sad thing because the only thing better than sharing my useless knowledge with the world is doing so while slightly intoxicated. Regardless, I'm sure it will be a really good time. I'm taking hot wings. Are you jealous? Um, yeah, I'm sure you are because hot wings rock. I love me some buffalo sauce. I think Jones Soda should try and make a buffalo sauce soda. They put out all those other weird ones, I betcha a buffalo sauce flavored soda would make, like, ten million dollars. No lie.