January 30, 2004

I HATE Indiana!!! It's freaking 597 degrees below zero. Or something like that, anyway. This states SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS. I've got frost covering the interior window frames in my office. I'm literally working inside something that strongly resembles a freezer. At least the sunshine is finally out. But it's cold. The kind of cold that makes the snot freeze into little booger pellets inside your nose. It doesn't even get the chance to run out. It just freezes right where it it.

January 27, 2004

So its is now January 27th of our new year 2004! My sister has gotten a little slack in her duties to the oh great blog she has here. So I thought I'd contribute something for her. P.S. My george foreman grill is the bomb. I really like it a lot. I cook chicken breasts with it every night. it really does the trick! good for making reubens too. in case you were wondering. But I digress. So I am waiting to be transfered to VA to take on my new job working in RESTON. I hate it here. because they are all a bunch of lamo un motivated stupid people who waste my time and my energy with completely unecessary minutae! It drives me crazy I want to strangle people sometimes. Anyways enough with the rant. I'll see how long it takes for my sister to read this I'd be interested to find out.