August 27, 2008

And now I wait

Well, auditioned Monday night and I think it went OK. Let's just hope reality matches up. I got to read for both Mina and Lucy, which was good. I also had a good time just seeing some friends who I really only get to see when I'm doing something at the theatre. The director also held auditions last night, so now it's just time to wait, which has never been a strong suit of mine. It's at moments like this that I wish I could read minds. I'm pretty sure one of the qualities that fueled my becoming a journalist is that I just hate not knowing. Seriously, I almost physically cannot stand not knowing whatever it is I want to know. I actually get angry if I can't get information that I want. In fact, I've told my husband that unless he can tell me all the details of any story he starts to tell, don't bother telling me because I'll just get really frustrated if I ask questions and he can't answer because he didn't pay attention closely enough. Anyway, everyone keep their fingers crossed for me. Send out all your positive mental energy. Thanks, peeps.

August 23, 2008

I vant to suck your blood.

Monday evening I'm auditioning for Dracula. I really, really, really want to do this play. Obviously, I'm hoping to be cast as Mina or Lucy since those are the two juicy (no pun intended) female roles. Now, both those characters are in their early twenties and, well, I'm not. I'm hoping I can channel my inner-innocent well enough to fake it. I've wanted to do Dracula ever since I was in high school and saw a production at the college in town. I was completely sucked in by it from beginning to end. And of course, I wanted to jump Dracula's bones by the time the curtain fell. I thought about that play for weeks after watching it. I've always been fascinated with vampire legend and myth for, probably, the same reasons most people are drawn to it: themes of sensuality, sexuality, good vs. evil, and immortality. Vampires are interesting in the monster world because most people don't view them as monsters, I think. For sure, Dracula is evil and embraces that; but at the end of the day, he wants companionship. He could just kill all his victims, but he turns some of them so he won't be lonely, which at the end of the day is probably one of the most basic fears of humankind. None of us really wants to be alone, even if we're bloodsuckers.

August 21, 2008

I got a dress

OK, so I didn't get any of the four I already showed you. I ended up ordering this one.

It's not as formal as the other dresses I was looking at, but that's OK. I'm sure I'll be able to get more use out of it anyway. So now all I have to worry about is shoes and accessories. Unfortunately, I believe that will require me going to the mall. Shit.

August 19, 2008

How hard can it be to find a new dress?

When it comes to me, apparently very hard. I'm reading at a friend's wedding next month, so I've been looking for a new dress. I've been looking on the internet because I find I pretty much hate shopping the older I get. But guess what? It's not any easier on the internet. I've bookmarked a couple of things, but I just can't commit. You'd think with the endless choices available on the internet, it would be relatively easy, but my main problem is that I just can't find a style I'm sold on. I'd like a dress that's modest, yet not a freaking nun's habit. Incredibly, those dresses don't seem to exist. It seems the only dresses being made nowadays are strapless or sleeveless or form-fitting or super-short. None of those things work for me.

These are the four front-runners, but I don't know which one to pick. I think it's really between the third and fourth. I just have to pick one and order it.