September 25, 2009

Podcast episode 33

Went to Hooters last night for the first time to celebrate my friend Brian's 27th birthday. Lucky for you, I had my digital recorder with me to tape the madness that ensued--six minutes of madness, anyway. As always, it's raunchy and completely inappropriate, but that's why you guys love it, isn't it?

September 21, 2009

I still exist, at least in my own mind.

Just checking in with you for my once monthly (or less frequent) post. I've been busy with rehearsals for another show, which is always très sweet for me. Heading to the Michigan Renaissance Festival this weekend, and I am so going to get my roasted turkey leg on while we're there. This will be the first Renaissance fest for my daughter, and to say she's a little bit excited about it would be a MAJOR understatement. We'd originally planned on taking her to the Maryland Renaissance Festival over Labor Day weekend when I went to see my brother's new baby, but we couldn't take the extra day off it would have required because she had something special going on at school immediately following the holiday. So, the Michigan festival is the compromise. We're going to be going up with a couple of theatre friends of mine. My daughter is particularly fond of one of the women I do a lot of theatre stuff with and asked if she could come along. Being the gracious woman she is, my friend Seyhan agreed and is bringing her mother, as well. In preparation for this momentous event, I've been working on a costume for my daughter to wear because, dude, she HAS to have the proper attire. After going through a bunch of patterns I have, my daughter settled on a cloak, a vest, a billowy blouse, and a sash. She decided she'd wear these black, jersey gauchos she has (which she calls her elf pants because she thinks it's something an elf would wear) to complete her outfit. She also plans on taking a wooden staff she has from taekwondo days. I finished the cloak last week and will be feverishly trying to finish the rest of it this week. We have this week off from rehearsal, so I'm thinking it shouldn't be too much of a problem. I hope.