April 30, 2003

I am sitting here and I am bored. I still feel a little self-consious about putting anything real here because I really don't like the idea of just anyone seeing what I write.

I'm looking out my office window and it's gray outside. It's been storming and there are drops of rain trapped in the window screen. I can also see pools of water on the tops of buildings below me. I don't like rain. It's puts me in a bad mood. Sunshine is better. It clears the mind and makes you remember it can be good to smell fresh air and look at the sky. In the haze of the horizon I see the blinking light on a cellular phone tower. Leaves are only now beginning to fill out the trees; it's been a long winter.

April 24, 2003

OK, so it's taken a little explanation from my brother, but now I know that this is like a diary. A diary that anyone can see. First I should warn you, I like to make up stories, so you'll never quite know if I'm telling you the truth or not. But now that I'm up to speed (it can sometimes take awhile), I'll know to divulge all my really juicy secrets for your entertainment.
OK, now this is really new. And I still don't feel like saying anything. Have to share some thoughts later, I suppose.