January 12, 2011

Another IM conversation between me and my brother

I can't help that we have the most hilarious conversations on the planet. But consider yourselves lucky that we do.

September 03, 2010

Podcast episode 40

My friends and I review The Exorcist. And, yes, we'd been drinking.

July 16, 2010

Podcast episode 39

Sixteen Candles and Valley Girl have never been reviewed more brilliantly than they are reviewed by my boo and I. Listen, listen, listen. All you've got to do is click the button.

July 04, 2010

Podcast 38

You just can't keep two good bitches down. My boo and I review 80's classic vampire flick Lost Boys. Come join us in the hilarity.

June 27, 2010

When the fat lady sings

One chapter ends, the next begins, and it's all going to be okay in the end.

June 17, 2010

You need to read this story

Another IM conversation with my brother telling me the oh, so touching story of butter dick. Enjoy.

June 06, 2010

Podcast 37

My boo Brian and I review Alice in Wonderland. Like all things we do, it's awesome, so listen.

May 27, 2010

Dave Matthews Band - You & Me

Pretty much been listening to this song non-stop for the last couple of days, so you should listen to it with me. We can pretend we're sitting on the grass together, looking up at the night sky and imagining a better place.

May 09, 2010

More random complaining.

You'd think I'd be sick of it by now, wouldn't you? Complaining. Actually, I'm not going to complain this time. I'm going to talk about a weird kind of clarity I've been experiencing over the last couple of days. I've been thinking about a lot of stuff lately and all this thinking has solidified some stuff in my mind that has had a kind of freeing effect. It's a good feeling in a strange kind of way because now I can take action, which is always the better way of things in my mind. Thinking is fine, but it doesn't really change anything, does it? Someone asked me on Formspring why I always seem unhappy and it kind of struck a cord with me. If strangers pick up on a sense of unhappiness, what do people in my life pick up on? Anyway, life and time are not my enemies.

April 25, 2010

So here's the thing...

The problem with blogs is that the only time some people feel compelled to post is when they want to bitch about something, which can get tiresome after awhile. This is pArticularly true of me lately. I only seem motivated to write something when I'm bothered or troubled in some way. It's got me wondering why this is the case. Wouldn't you think people would want to share the best of their lives if they are so willing to share the worst? For instance, I've only felt like writing all the stupid angsty shit I've been partial to lately. It's as if I'm 17 again. However there doesn't seem to be an end in sight for the angst, so buckle I