April 15, 2010

The funks hit everybody.

I'm starting to think this mid-life crisis thing (for women, anyway) is just the angst years. For men, this happens more in their early 20's. Lucky us, we get to be all emo at the same time our kids are. It's amazing how much of my time is spent brooding. It's pathetic, really, but I can't seem to escape it. And it never even seems to be about anything specific, it's just a general malaise and feeling of lack of ease. I don't know if it's about having this feeling where there's so much potential bottled up inside with no clear idea of how to release it, but I'm thinking it's at least part of it. Or maybe it's not so much lacking a clear idea of how to release it as much as it is there are just others responsibilities that have to come first. I'm almost starting to think it's part of why I try to keep myself so busy lately. Down time means I get lost in my thoughts, and that's kind of a dangerous place to be right now.

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Onyx Supersonics said...

Just wait. It gets worse. And worse. And worse. And -- oh, never mind. It's important to note: Enjoy life while you can. Because one thing I guarantee: When you're old, it's worse.