July 22, 2005

Is this chicken or fish?

As you know, my daughter is spending the month with my sister and her family in Montana. Before I left my sister's house after dropping off my daughter, I explained to her a couple of quirks she should know about when dealing with my daughter. The first quirk being my daughter's love of "the rules," and how very distressing she finds it when people don't follow "the rules."

"Her head will explode," I explained to my sister, "if people aren't doing what they're supposed to be doing. It bothers her that much."

"OK," my sister said.

The second quirk is my daughter's very picky appetite. That's not really a quirk as much as it is the bane of my existence, but I explained to my sister that my daughter is very, very, very hesitant to try anything new. As a result, she now thinks all meat is chicken. This is my fault because she likes chicken, so everytime I offer her a meat dish that she's unfamiliar with, I tell her it's chicken so she'll at least try it. Anyway, I explained to my sister just tell her it's chicken and she'll probably eat it. So the other day my sister calls me to tell her about their previous evening's dinner experience:

Sis: So I made Mahi Mahi for dinner but when I put it on the table, I told everyone it was chicken. And all my kids knew it was fish, but they I told them it was chicken, so they were all confused.

KC: So did she eat it?

Sis: Yeah, she ate it but everyone kept saying, "This is really good fish, Mom." And then she'd ask, "Is this fish? Because I don't eat fish." And I'd tell her, "No, it's chicken."

KC: So she liked it?

Sis: Yeah, she liked it but everyone kept slipping up about it being fish and she kept asking, "Are you sure this is chicken?" And I told her, "Yes, it's special chicken of the sea called Mahi Mahi. But it's chicken."

KC: But she kept eating it, right?

Sis: Yeah, she kept eating it because she liked it. She even said it was good chicken. And then at one point I commented that the mango relish I made to go with the Mahi Mahi went really well with fish. And the she asked, "Don't you mean chicken?" And I said, "Yes, yes, I mean chicken because that's what we're eating right now."

KC: So basically the entire dinner conversation sounded like a bad replay of Jessica Simpson dialouge.

Sis: Yes, that's pretty much it.

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