July 05, 2005

My baby's gone.

So I am returned from the land of Big Sky after having dropped off my daughter with my sister and her family. I'll miss her for the month that she's gone but I am really looking forward to trying to get a lot of stuff taken care of around the house. My big project is to rescreen our back porch and generally get the whole thing spified up. I also want to clean out all the crap from the basement and get rid of anything that is just taking up space.

I got home about 9:00 last night and, lucky me, I got to listen to the yoho's in my neigborhood light fireworks until past midnight. Some people have made it a tradition to set off fireworks in the park across the street from my house and it drives me crazy because I am convinced someone will finally manage to burn down my house with a firework gone astray. Plus, it's just rude to keep people up with all the noise.

I'm really tired right now.

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