July 06, 2005

Stinky feet.

My feet smell. I mean they really smell. They have a nose and everything. Naw, seriously, my feet do stink for some reason, though. This is not a normal thing for me so I can't imagine what makes today so special.

I've been putting off running this week for some reason. I feel guilty for not exercising, but I'm still going to play hooky today anyway. I just talked to my sister a little while ago and she told me that her husband asked if my husband and I were having some kind of marital problem and is that the reason why I'm leaving my daughter in Montana for a month. Yeah, I laughed pretty good. Yes, the only explanation why I would let my daughter spend a month of the summer with an aunt and cousins she almost never gets to see is because my husband and I need counseling. How does a person make that leap?

Speaking of husbands, mine is sick. I don't know if he caught the bacteria that gave our daughter pneumonia or what, but he's hacking it up pretty well now. He has a doctor's appointment today to check it out, so we'll see.

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