July 20, 2005

New Tires

We went to Sam's Club last night and got new tire's for my husband's car. Do we know how to have fun or what? This is the only complaint I have. We get there and there's a huge sign in front of the auto center saying if it takes longer than 59 minutes to change tires, the installation charge is waived. So we go to the counter and the guy says it's probably going to take about a hour and a half because of the back up so I'm like, "So there won't be any installation charge?" And he's like, "Yeah, probably not."

But you've got to pay for it up front when you pay for the tires. Anyway, we go walk around for a little over an hour and then go back to the counter to check if the car is ready and our keys are on the counter with our paperwork and I look at the sheet and they have the service time clocked in at exactly 59 minutes. Of course I know this is crap because the guy told us from the get go it was going to take longer than 59 minutes. So they put a false time on the sheet and then ran and hid so I couldn't confront them about their lies and deceit. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Sam's Club because it's just Costco's whoring little sister and just can't compete? We don't have a Costco here, so I have to settle for Sam's Club, which stinks for me.

This is something I want to know about the Wal-Mart company in general is why do they keep up with the ad campaign about how great their employees are when everyone knows it's a big, fat, stinking lie? Wal-Mart employees are like the bottom rung of service-oriented staff. I have yet to go through a Wal-Mart and have someone treat me like anything other than scum. You know, it's like they're angry at me (all customers) for having such a sucky life. Hey, it's not my fault the best you can do is being a cashier at a crap company like Wal-Mart. Be glad you have a job, punk. Know what I mean? Anyway, I can sympathize because I've worked as a cashier before when I was in college and it is a crap job, but I didn't treat customers like shit because of it. Well, I wasn't nice to the customers who were rude to me, but that's another story altogether. Oh, that does remind me of this one time that this guy came through my line and all he was buying were Trojans and KY Jelly, which isn't a problem. What was gross about it was that this guy was so yucky. He was greasy and dirty and fat and looked a lot like Peter Lorre...playing Igor in Frankenstein. Anyway, this guy comes through and I'm thinking, "Who wants to have sex with you? Eeeww." He glared at me the entire time like he knew what I was thinking, so I just kind of snorted derisively when I put his purchases in the bag. Yeah, I am a bitch, but he was asking for it.

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