July 28, 2005

I'm tired.

I'm really sleepy today and I don't know why. I got a good night's sleep, but I've been muddle-headed ever since I woke up. I've discovered it's really boring at my house when my daughter is gone. I've not really been wanting to go home after work because there's nothing to do. I never realized before just how engaging my daughter was. Speaking of the kid, she experienced her first earthquake the other day. I guess there was a small earthquake in a town south of Missoula, and everyone at my sister's house felt the tremor. My daughter said she wasn't freaked out at first because she didn't know it was an earthquake until my nephew told her what it was, and then she was freaked. Apparently, all it did was shake things up a bit, but nothing fell or collapsed or anything like that. Man, it is such and clear, beautiful day outside today and I am HATING being in this office right now. It sucks when you can't enjoy a nice day like this.

Hey, does anyone have any ideas for good picnic games? Every year that I've worked on planning the parish summer picnic for my church, we always end up doing the same games because I don't have any other ideas. We do the typical wheelbarrow, three-legged, egg in a spoon races. I'd like to try and shake things up a bit this year with something new and exciting and possibly death-defying. Chime in with any suggestions.

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