July 26, 2005

Early morning excitement.

My husband and I were watching the news this morning when they switched over to an in-progress, high-speed car chase taking place in Los Angeles. It was pretty much the same sort of stuff they show on these police chase videos until the runner made a turn the cop car behind him couldn't quite maneuver and plowed head on into the side of a brick building and busted right through the wall. It was really shocking. As it turns out, the officer in the car was fine and they finally caught their man. It just makes me wonder at how stupid people can be. Like the unfortunate fellow in London who was killed by police the other day. It's obviously a tragedy that an innocent man lost his life, but you've really got to wonder why in the hell he ran when the police told him to stop. Considering the climate in London right now, I can't think of a better way to get yourself shot and killed than by running from police and jumping turnstiles into the subway to get away from them. I mean, seriously, it's just not the smart thing to do. I have to assume he was up to some kind of illegal activity to have reacted in such a way. Really, in a lot of ways, he contributed to his own death through an astounding lack of good judgement.

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