July 29, 2005

Good Morning Korean Celt fans!

This is Guy Birdly here making a guest post for the hostess with the mostest. I got to work early this morning in order to finish some software testing and do the write up so I can leave work early and go to NYC. I have decided to take a break and temporarily take over my sister's blog! So. As my sister has probably told you all I'm going to be getting married in a couple weeks! Pretty cool huh. Well I have to tell ya, who'd a thought that a wedding was such a pain in the A$$!!!! no I'm kidding for the most part its been pretty fun its getting a little more stressful as we are getting closer to the day but thats all good. Today I am going to be leaving work at 2:30 to go to NYC on the SARS express. (if you don't know what that is its a really cheap bus that goes from China Town in DC to China town in NYC) I'll be traveling with a few of my friends to go and celebrate another fortunate friend of mine who is getting married. For his bachelor party we are going to drink copius amounts of booze, go watch the Yankees play, Drink copius amounts of booze, and play wiffle ball in central park. Now my ability to be a drunken a$$hole has diminished greatly over the last couple of years. Something that I'm actually quite grateful for. Granted I fear that I'll probably realize that the talent is still latent within me when I get there and am knee deep in it. One of the guys that will be there I really don't like at all to be honest with you. If I were to get REALLY drunk and he acted his usual arrogant bastard self I'd probably Stomp him into the ground just for the fun of it. So my goal is not to get that drunk. But there are never any guarantees in life. If the shots are flowing and his asian jokes frequent and tasteless. . . But lets not dwell on oafish behavior and talk about more entertaining things. Like Christina and I are going to go Sky diving on our honeymoon!!! what What! thats right fans. granted I don't want to have someone strapped to my back when I do it. They said I have to. when making the reservations I told the guy on the phone "Seriously how hard can it freaking be! you fall you pull the cord and you fall more slowly! done!" He then started babbling about training this and that blah blah blah!" So I said fine as long as I get to jump out of the plane, you can hang on. I said we have better do some tricks then if you're going to be strapped on my back! He didn't answer me there just asked for my credit card information. Anyways I have to get back to my work. So I can get out of here and on the SARS express. so this is Guy Birdly signing out. And remember San Diego Be Good !

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