July 08, 2005

It came from the altar.

So my husband and I are watching this show on TV last night called Bridezilla. It's this reality show about supposedly sweet-natured brides-to-be who become bitches from hell while planning their weddings. It pretty funny because these women are seriously going off the deepend. I am the kind of person who likes things to happen the way they are supposed to happen, but I can say that nothing about planning my wedding got to me the way it gets to the women on this show. In fact, in a lot of ways I felt strangely detached from my wedding planning. I did what needed to be done and figured if anything went wrong the day of the wedding, not to sweat it because what could be done at that point. I decided I was going to have fun because a woman's wedding day is the only day of her life where people will let her get away with acting like a complete prima donna. Why not enjoy it? And I can say with all honestly, I had a great day. It was a blur, but I had a great day. I don't know why women build up the day as having to come off "perfectly," but I can tell you that is the best way to set yourself up for disappointment. I also don't understand the women who are willing to take out gobs of loans to pay for their weddings. It's one day. Why would I want to keep paying for one day for the next ten years? Just doesn't make a lick of sense to me. I guess I view the beauty of a wedding day as something internal rather than external. To me, it's much more about being able to spend the day with the people you love the most in life and celebrating your new life with them. My mom continues to complain that she wishes she knew more about American weddings before throwing mine because she feels like she didn't do it up nearly as well as she could have, but my wedding was exactly what I wanted it to be--a great party.

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