July 25, 2005

Missing the kid.

Now entering week four sans child and I'll fess up to missing her. I find myself looking at her pictures in my office. It'll be another two weeks until we see her again. But it's all good because she's having a great time. I'm now berating myself for telling my brother what I planned on getting him for his wedding gift because now I think I want to get him something that will be more immediately useful to both him and his wife. I told him I planned on getting him this laser miter saw that he put on his Home Depot registry, but they're living in a condo and I don't see the need for major power tools for a condo. I could be wrong, but now I'm thinking I'd rather get them something for the kitchen like their mixer or something like that. I think I got a little excited about the miter saw because I really want it for myself. It's a cool miter saw. So now I don't know what I'm going to do. Will he be really disappointed that he doesn't get the miter saw or will it be OK that he's still getting something they asked for? You'd think this would teach me to keep my mouth shut, but I never learn.

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