September 01, 2005

Daily Dancer Interview, Part IV

Have I got what you want? Oh you better bet your sweet bottoms I do. More, more, more Daily Dancer exposed. Will we find out when DD and G tie the knot? Will we find out who is DD's animated doppelganger? How far is DD willing to go for money? Keep reading to find the answers to these and more intriguing questions.

KC: So when are you and G getting married?

DD: Getting married? I have not even proposed yet, even though I have been with that wonderful person for almost five years. But, that time will likely come in the not-too-distant future.

KC: What type of software products are you interested in developing?

DD: Growing up, I have always wanted to develop games. Over the years, I have made many tiny demos, and I have come up with lots of ideas, but I never completed anything substantial. Other than that, I am interested in developing anything that challenges my design skills, as opposed to forcing me to hack together tedious code.

KC: I find it interesting that you have so many artistic (read "abstract") interests yet make your living in a field that relies more on logical, mathematical thinking. Do you feel that the two sides of your brain are in constant struggle with each other?

DD: Not really. Software development is not really mathematical unless the application calls for it. It is, however, full of structure and hierarchy. Artistic talents like dancing and playing music are similar in the sense that they involve large routines/pieces that can be broken down into smaller, more detailed, parts.

KC: Do you think you'll ever play the guitar for us? I think people would like to get a glimpse into all your talents. What do you say?

DD: That is a strong possibility. Maybe as a bonus video?

KC: Which cartoon character did you identify with most as a child (or even now) and why?

DD: Well, my serious, over-analytical, side identifies with characters like Brainy Smurf. My naive and immature side identifies with characters like Sponge Bob Square Pants. Growing up, I was a big fan of The Chipmunks. I have a bit of each one of them in me.

KC: If somebody offered you a million dollars to go full monty on your blog, would you do it?

DD: I would consider it. But, for now, I am keeping my blog clean as a whistle. Well, except for the occasional partial strip-tease and explicit lyrics...

KC: How does G manage not to laugh when she's filming your dances? Also, now that we know you haven't learned how to do the windmill move, I really, really think we need to see you give it a try.

DD: Maybe she is so used to my craziness that the novelty has warn off? And the windmill move is still not out of the question. I must look it up.

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