September 27, 2005

Rant day

I'm going to complain today about why I don't really have much respect for most academics. If you are an academic, I suggest you stop reading right now because you're probably going to get pissed off. Anyway, the primary reason I don't respect academics is because an awful lot of them have no view of the world around them. They are so focused on their one little, itty bit of knowledge that they have completely lost touch with the fact that they are the only person in the world who probably gives a damn about that one little, itty bit of information. What I probably resent even more is that they take that incredibly limited knowledge base and then justify an entire life of arrogant behavior upon it. Wow, you know everything about one obscure medieval manuscript. Yeah, that gives you bragging rights. I mean, come on. That doesn't really mean a hill of beans in the whole scheme of things. Can you change a flat? Can you you get a kid up and out the door in ten minutes or less? Can you speak to strangers in a social situation and not have them walk away thinking you're a complete tool? Yeah, I didn't think so. Are you saving lives? Do you even know what a deadline is? Yeah, I didn't think so. Sometimes I think there must be some sort of indoctrination akin to the sort that takes place in medical school with these ivory tower dwellers. They are conditioned to believe that their "immense" brain power just puts them leaps and bounds above the rest of society, when in reality, they're pretty stupid when it comes to everyday life. In conclusion, let me just say that the world would probably be a much nicer place if all you self-absorbed "thinkers" would just shut the fuck up for two seconds and try to actually listen to the shit you spew. Try and actually relate your life to the world around you a little bit. You'll most likely find you're just as insignificant as the rest of us.

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