September 19, 2005

That really wasn't any fun.

I stayed home sick today and it really wasn't any fun. I became increasingly bored and restless as the day wore on and I wouldn't say I enjoyed it at all. Usually, I like a day of rest, but this one didn't seem to do it for me. I woke up with a headache that felt like it was going to blow my head to smithereens and my entire body just hurt. I'm feeling OK now, so it'll be back to the daily grind tomorrow. What did I discover during my day off? Daytime television really sucks. This morning I watched a movie/mini-series called Little Dorrit, which was based on a Charles Dickens' book. It was in two parts. The first part was done from the point-of-view of Mr. Clennan and and the second part was done from the point-of-view of Amy (aka Little) Dorrit. Each part was its own movie, with each part lasting about three hours. I came in on the last hour of part one and was sufficiently sucked in to continue watching when part two started. I enjoyed it, and as with most Charles Dickens' adaptations, waited until some great deus ex machina would be revealed to make the entire story fall into place. I'm in the last ten minutes of part two when, suddenly, the satellite signal goes out because there's a thunder storm passing over. When the signal reconnected, the credits were rolling. Does that suck major donkey balls or what? Yeah, it does. Anyway, although I suspect Amy and Mr. Clennan live happily ever after, I don't know that they live happily ever after. Stupid satellite signal. How do we spy on other countries if the weak-ass signal can't even make its way through a thunder cloud? Answer that one for me, will you. I will confess, however, to watching this entire Kathy Griffin tribute that was playing on Bravo. They showed her reality show and then a couple of her stand-up acts. She's actually pretty funny and all I want to know is if she can make a living bad-mouthing celebrities, I should be able to make a living bad-mouthing all the normal people I encounter in my life because, really, normal people are just as screwed up as celebrities. They just don't get the same press.

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