September 28, 2005

Snoozer is dead. Long live Snoozer.

Well, that thing we have been expecting for some time now has finally happened. Snoozer the hamster is no more. He died yesterday and my daughter is sad. Very, very sad. We realized he was dead right around bedtime and it looks like he just died in his sleep. He looked pretty peaceful. I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but this hamster was creeping up on three and a half years of life, which is a long time for a hamster. He had huge tumors on his underside and half his fur had fallen out. One of his back legs was paralyzed. But he kept going. You'd hear him on his wheel every night. He was a nice gentle hamster. Most hamsters are ornery, but Snoozer was always very gentle and he never tried to bite any of us. We told our daughter we're never getting another hamster because we will never find a nice hamster like Snoozer again. Also because I don't want anymore animals in the house. So he's in the freezer right now because my daughter wants to make a casket for him so they can properly bury him on Saturday. I'm not supposed to tell you this, but my daughter cried quite a bit when we told her the news. She specifically told me, "Mom, don't tell your blog I was crying." See how easily I betray her? Maybe tomorrow I'll put up a picture of Snoozer if I can dig one up.

I am also going to try podcasting. Here is my first, although modest, attempt.

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