September 23, 2005

Karaoke Dance Party #57

So here we are with another installment of my super popular karaoke Fridays. I'm going to try to have an extra special song for you next week that my daughter is helping me with. It will be hot, let me tell you. But today, we just have me singing Lone Justice's Shelter.

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Oh hey, guess what? My husband had my car detailed yesterday and it's sooo nice to have a clean car again. I'm the primary child transporter, so my car was pretty filthy. What with all the discarded craft projects and Cheez-It crumbs ground into the upholstery. Anyway, before I left for work yesterday morning, he told me to take his car so he could clean my car. When I get home and see how clean the car is, I was really impressed. I was thinking, "Wow, he did a really good job." But then I looked a little closer and saw just how clean the car was: shiny tires, no dirt or sticky debris anywhere inside the cup holder, pristine upholstery, and I realized, "He didn't do this. He got this detailed."

He came out and asked, "How do you like the car, huh?"

Immediately, I responded by asking if he got it detailed. And he sheepishly admitted to it and said, "I did it as a surprise." Anyway, it's just as cool. I don't mind that he had it detailed. Although, for $90, you'd think they would've cleaned out the chocolate wrappers out of the map holders in the side of the doors. There were some left in there. If money changes hands, it better be cleaner than the day I bought it as far as I'm concerned.

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