September 29, 2005

Daily Dancer Interview, Part V

Here we are back with your favorite booty-shaker, Daily Dancer, for the final installment of my in-depth interview. It's been great getting to know the man behind Daily Dancer and I hope you have also learned a little something about his gracious nature and generosity in the process. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Daily Dancer for answering all the questions I threw his way. He never flinched once. That's a real man for you. And before I get all choked up with emotion and everything, let's get on with the show.

KC: Five years?!? What are you waiting for? Seriously, what are you waiting for?

DD: Do I have to answer that question? You know that she will be reading this, right? All I can say is that I am waiting for the right time to come. Regardless of when I propose to her, I love her very much and love being with her.

KC: What type of games are you interested in developing? Shoot 'em ups? SIM type games? My Little Pony? Also, what are your thoughts on the heavily male-focused video game industry? I know there have been recent attempts to gear more games towards girls, but they seem kind of lame to me. What do you think?

DD: I am more into games from 10-15 years ago, back when side scrollers and top-down RPGs were at their peak. I have always wanted to make such a game, but with a great internal design, of course. No hacking for me! As for girls' games, they are probably lame because of stereotypes. The game makers assume that girls will enjoy playing games about makeup and clothing. Even more significant is the fact that these games do not have much of a market, so the top gaming companies devote their budgets to the more-popular shoot-em-ups and sports games.

KC: What is your opinion on the recent events surrounding Hurricane Katrina?

DD: These things happen in the world. It is sad to think about people losing their homes and families. But, with all these disasters, it is often easy to forget the people who go through these hardships on a regular basis. Think about the people in poor countries, or on the streets of your own city, who have lived homeless and hungry for years. Why do people often jump to help the people who had more in the first place, rather than the people who never ever had much at all?

KC: You spend a lot of time dancing to requests on your blog, but what type of music is your favorite type of dancing music?

DD: My favorite dance music is the same music I dance to most frequently on my blog: hits from the 80's and 90's.

KC: What do you regret most in life and why?

DD: I do not have any regrets that stand out. Everything that goes wrong turns into a learning experience.

KC: What is your proudest accomplishment?

DD: My proudest accomplishment is finishing my Masters degree in Computer Science. Working on my Masters thesis was extremely difficult, but it made me learn about how I work best and how to persevere.

KC: Are most people who know you surprised you would do something like this blog (if they know about it, that is)? How do you think most people in your life view you?

DD: I think that many people would be surprised by my blog. I think that I am generally perceived as quiet and shy. But, when I get a chance to perform, I always let my inner star show. You should see me do Karaoke! I see that you like doing Karaoke as well. :)

KC: Who designed the logo for your Daily Dancer t-shirts?

DD: A friend designed the logo for the shirts. He did a great job on the body hair.

KC: Were you ever nervous about dancing on the internet? I can detect a significant level of loosening up as your blog progresses, so I'm wondering if you are gaining more confidence as you continue to do it.

DD: I was never really nervous about dancing on the Internet. Maybe the barrier of the Internet makes it somewhat easier.

KC: If this ends up being the last round of questions, is there anything in particular you'd like to tell the Daily Dancer audience?

DD: I would like to tell the Daily Dancer audience "thank you" for giving me an audience to dance for. I enjoy dancing for my fans, and I love reading their comments and e-mails.

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