September 08, 2005

Nothing New

It's Thursday and there's absolutely nothing else that makes today different than yesterday other than that. The school meet and greet thing was OK last night. I got to sit in a midget chair at a midget desk for half an hour, so that was good. And by good I mean not good. My daughter's teacher said my daughter is such a "darling girl." Which is true when she's not bugging the crap out of me. Funny thing happened the other day. Every Monday my daughter brings home her schoolwork from the previous week for us to look at and one of her writing exercises had a sentence she'd written that said something like: "I really like my new blue shirt." However, she'd left the letter "r" out of shirt. What drew my attention to it was that the teacher had underlined the misspelled word in green and then wrote the correct spelling above it. So I started laughing pretty hard because it's funny. And my daughter asked why I was laughing so I pointed to the misspelled word and I asked her what it said and she responds, "shit." And I'm like, yeah, remember that's one of the bad words I told you about, and then I laugh some more. Of course, then my daughter was frantic because she thought she was going to get in trouble and starts saying, "That was an accident. I didn't mean to do that." And I said that I knew it was an accident but it was still a funny accident. I'm sure it gave her teacher a little jolt when she first saw it, though. Kids are funny.

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