September 15, 2005

Praise the Lord. Halleluiah!

Yesterday my husband found out he got a job he interviewed for a couple of weeks ago and we are all ecstatic about it. I'm especially ecstatic about it because there's a lot of stuff about our life that will be much easier now. For starters, my husband's new job is actually in the town we live in now. For several years he's been commuting about an hour and a half away from town for work. Now, he'll only be about five minutes from home. Needless to say, with gas prices being the way they are, it really couldn't have happened at a better time. It also makes life easier for me because that means there are two of us in town now who can take care of the occassional school emergencies that come up every once in a blue moon with our daughter. I've been the point man for everything concerning our daughter because I've been the only one easily accessible during the day. Now we can spread the love a little bit. Also, it means we can eat family meals. Usually, my daughter and I eat dinner because my husband gets home too late, and then he just eats by himself when he gets home. He's going to be assistant vice president for administration and operations for a credit union in town. He was a regional investment officer for the bank he just left. I'm pretty happy about the situation.

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