September 09, 2005

Karaoke Friday (I gave up on trying to be creative.)

Hi, how are ya? Welcome to another installment of KC's Karaoke Friday. I went back to the karaoke machine on this one. It's Madonna's Beautiful Stranger. I've done Madonna twice now, but only because the karaoke machine only has a limited number of songs I've ever heard of in my life before, which is why I've been using the karaoke function on my stereo for most of my songs. Anyway, enjoy.
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Now that we've gotten through that part of the post, can I tell you it's 3:30 in the freaking A.M. I woke up and I can't get back to sleep, so I'm posting. This has been happening to me a lot the last couple of weeks, I wake up and can't go back to sleep until an hour before I'm supposed to be up. It pretty much SUCKS because then I'm all groggy and thick-headed the rest of the day. Oh, I got the pictures back from my brother's wedding, so here are a couple like I promised.

This is my brother and his new wife.

I'll do more later. It's almost 4:00 and I want to see if I can get a smidgen of sleep before I have to be up in an hour and a half.

OK, I'm up now. Here are a couple more photos from my brother's wedding.
Here's a picture of my brother and his wife eating food. Really they're smiling and pretending to eat food.

Here's a picture of my parents.

And here's a picture of one of my uncles with a fairly decent size gaggle of women from my family.

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