August 17, 2005

School is back in session.

So today is my daughter's first day back to school and so far, so good. I did notice that the dreaded Gabby is in her class. That's what happens when you wish for not so nice things, they land right in your lap. My husband asked about Gabby this morning while we were eating breakfast and our daughter again said she didn't want her in the class because she's her arch enemy. My husband said, "You're to young to have an arch enemy." And our daughter said, "OK, well maybe not my arch enemy, but she's still my regular enemy."

This will be an exciting year because this is when the kiddies learn cursive writing, which has my daughter all a flutter. Actually, I totally understand her excitement. I couldn't wait to learn cursive writing either when I was young. I only knew how to do a cursive capital "L," so I'd write it over and over and over again and feel very proud about it.

"Is learning cursive writing really hard?" my daughter asked this morning.

"Uh, not any harder than learning regular writing," I told her.

For me, once I learned cursive writing, that meant all adult secrets and knowledge were open to me. There was nothing that was inaccessible to me anymore once I knew cursive. Anyway, that's what I figured would be the case when I was little. I was surprised to learn that they start cursive writing in second grade now. I remember we didn't learn it until third grade. The times they are a changin', yes sirree.

Man, I'm noticing my ears are hurting. I hope I'm not getting an ear infection or something. That's all I need right now. My husband has been talking a lot about wanting to move to Montana lately. I think he's just sick of being here, which I totally understand. I'm sick of being here too. It would be a nice change to move somewhere new. I get the heebie jeebies anyway after being in one place too long. Side effect of being an Army brat, it's hard to think of life in terms of permanence because everything's just a pit stop until the next thing comes up.

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