August 23, 2005

New Mac

So here I am fiddling with my new iMac G5, and I'm feeling good. I like getting new computers at work. It makes me happy. Very, very happy. The only thing I hate about going from OS 9 to OS X is that I've got to write in file extensions on all my files so the new computer will recognize the application. Well, not all of them, but a lot of them. Otherwise, it's all good getting to mess around with my super-fast computer. And of course I'm having some driver compatibility problems with devices from my old computer like the scanner and floppy disk drive, but that's the computer person's problem to deal with. At least, that's the way I look at it. And reinstalling my software takes a little time, but other than that everything's OK. And some of my crucial layout fonts from the old computer can't just be dragged from the old file and redumped into the new font folder because the operating system doesn't want to recognize them. But a new computer is still fun. Wait a second, this isn't fun at all. Sure I can play all the music in the world now, but I can't get any of my work done. I still like new computer equipment, but this is a major pain in my ass. Plus I'm right in the middle of laying out an issue and I've got to make the necessary conversions from what I've already got to the stuff I still need to lay out and, well, damn, just screw it then. I'm going to just read blogs for a while.

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