August 21, 2005

Parish picnic day.

Well, another parish picnic has come and gone. Thank God. Planning this thing has become a real thorn in my side because, as I've mentioned in the past, the people in my parish aren't exactly much for participating in church-sponsored activities. So each year, I put less and less effort into it because it really doesn't seem to matter how big or fancy it is, the same families come over and over again. Which is fine, but I'm completely uninvolved emotionally. I just make the phone call, buy the food and get everything where it's got to be. It's alright, I just wish people, in general, felt more invested in the church. Anyway, something really interesting happened to me last night at Wal-Mart when I was picking up a couple of things for the picnic. I head for the restroom and right before I go in, I notice this teenage boy going in to the women's room. So before I actually walk in, I yell in ahead of myself, "This is the women's room," and then I walk in figuring I've given him as much notice as he deserves for being so stupid. Anyway, I walk in and he's in there looking around in a very confused way, I assume because he can't find the urinals. I go up to him and I say again, "This is the women's room."

And then he look's at me and says, "What?"

"This is the women's room," I answer again.

"No it's not," he says while looking directly at the Tampax dispenser.

"Oh yes it is," I laugh. "Go look."

Then he walks out and I hear him say after just enough time for him to have gone out and looked at the sign on the entrance, "Oh."

Anyway, he seemed kind of out of it regardless and he was probably hopped up on something, or just stupid. Either way, it was funny in a really sad kind of way. If you were curious, my bronchitis seems to be clearing up. I forgot to mention that I also have pink eye, and that's clearing up well, too. I don't know who I caught all this from, but they're dead when I find out. I don't think I've ever even had bronchitis before. I've only been taking my cough syrup at night because I made the mistake of taking it at work Friday and I was pretty much a vegetable all day long. I've been having some interesting conversations with my daughter, though, the last few nights as I drift off into my drug-induced coma. It's like I'm aware my mouth is moving and words are coming out, but I have no idea what I'm saying. It's like my husband has some hearing problems and my daughter will ask him a question and he'll answer in a completely inappropriate way.

"Hey, Dad, did you see what I did at school today?"

"Oh yeah, bunny. I think you look really cute in that outfit."

That's probably what the conversations have been like as I drift off to sleep. I also think I've been having weird dreams, but I can't remember them. I just have a feeling they've been really weird.

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