August 22, 2005

Daily Dancer Interview, Part II

So we've got Daily Dancer back in the studio to answer more of those burning questions that you've just got to know the answer to. As we found out last time, DD's family is unaware of his extracurricular dancing activites and he expands a little futher on why he's not fessed up yet. I think as you continue on with my probing interview, you'll discover DD is a complex and multi-faceted soul yearning for artistic freedom in a cold, harsh world.

KC: So you're nervous about letting your family know about your blog, huh? That's interesting considering that you're basically sharing yourself with the rest of the world. Does it make you nervous just because you think they'd find it silly?

DD: I know it is a bit strange that I don't tell my own family. I guess I am expecting a negative reaction from them and I am just avoiding it. My girlfriend's family knows, though, and they all love it. But, they have always been involved with all kinds of performance. I am really surprised that no one at work has found out, given my popularity. I'm sure they will soon.

KC: Obviously, from reading the comments section on your blog, you've got a true and faithful following. Do you have a name for us? You know, instead of Deadheads, what should we be called?

DD: Ummmm... "my fans"? I never thought of giving a name to these people. It is great, though, that they keep coming back. It keeps me coming back with new dances.

KC: Before launching your dancing blog, what would you say was the most unusual or crazy thing you'd done in your life? Are you generally a person who walks to the beat of their own drum?

DD: Hmm... I don't know. Many things I do would be unusual to others. Like the fact that I label all my new socks (like "L1", "R1", "L2", "R2", etc.). Nothing huge stands out, though.

KC: What's your girlfriend's reaction to the massive popularity of your blog? Will she ever be making a guest appearance? Perhaps a little ballroom dancing?

DD: My girlfriend enjoys it most of the time. She reads my comments every day, just as I do. However, I doubt she will make any guest appearance soon. For now, she enjoys being behind the camera and controlling the music.

KC: If Hollywood decides to make a movie based on your life, who should play you?

DD: If not myself, then Jon Heder (the Napoleon Dynamite guy). He kinda looks like me as well.

KC: Have you ever taken formal dance lessons?

DD: Before starting my blog, I have not taken formal dance lessons, except for the bit of tap I learned from my girlfriend's mom. Recently, I started taking a hip hop class. I am finding it difficult to follow all the choreography, but I'm sure I will get better.

KC: You've already shortened your posts from five to three, do you think you will burn out on the blog eventually? When you started, how long did you think this would be a part of your life?

DD: I am not planning to quit any time soon -- well, as long as people keep coming to see me dance. Three dances a week is working just fine right now. It seems optimal for me. When I started my blog, I thought that I would, most likely, keep it around for a month and then stop. But, I didn't realize that I would actually get the following that I have gotten.

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