August 25, 2005

I did it. (And it's not what you think.)

I finally managed to get my editor to let me buy two new eMacs for my grad students. Now there's some serious stuff gonna happen up in here. Woo woo. You'd think that at a major university, I wouldn't have to beg and plead for computer equipment that was at least made in this century, now would you? But I must. It's all about the persistence, though. Finally, everyone just gets so sick of listening to my endless harping, that they give me what I want just to shut me up. It's a bit labor intensive on my part, but I don't mind.

We had a very nice, impromptu dinner party last night with our friends. We ordered Thai and had a good time catching up. Both our families have just gotten back from vacation, so we hadn't seen each other in a little while. It was an altogether nice evening. I also found out that my daughter's school is going to have another Trivia Night next month. As you recall, my team came heartbreakingly close to winning last time around, but lost in the last stretch. Victory will be ours yet, my friend. I'm trying to round up the crew from the last time so we can kick some serious booty.

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