August 18, 2005

Daily Dancer Interview, Part I

Hi folks. Today I've got a very special interview with that blogosphere booty-shaking phenom Daily Dancer. He took some time out of his rigorous dancing schedule to answer a few questions and open up a bit to you, his adoring audience. What you see below are just the first set of questions I've sent his way, and I've currently got a second batch out as I speak. I hope to be able to bring a multi-part interview that will bring to light the enigma that is Daily Dancer.

KC: What prompted you to throw caution to the wind and put up videos of yourself dancing on the internet?

DD: Around Christmas 2004, my girlfriend and I were at a friend's house. Our friend was showing us her great DJ-ing skill, and I started dancing, as I love to do. My girlfriend, with her brand new digital camera, started filming. We showed the video to some friends, who thought I should start making videos for the web. Over the next few months, I started planning my site. And on May 19, 2005, after taking advantage of a great launch opportunity (the Contagious Media Showdown), I started sharing my passion for dancing with the world.

KC: Are your friends and family aware of your blog? If so, what are their reactions to it? If not, why haven't you told them?

DD: My family does not know yet. I am not sure what to expect as a reaction. My brother and sister have always wanted me to act "cool", and me dancing is not "cool" to them. So, they may not approve. If I ever become a guest on a talk show or something, I will reveal my blog to them at that time.

KC: After watching your videos, it's hard to imagine you have much shame. However, what do you consider embarrassing and what was your most embarrassing moment in life?

DD: That's a tricky question. I cannot remember any embarrassing moment off hand. However, I may feel a little embarrassed the first time I get recognized by a fan in public or when my family or co-workers find out. It is certainly easier to dance in the safety of my own living room, as opposed to out in public. On a recent trip to San Francisco, I recorded several in-public dances, which were fun.

KC: What were your original expectations for your blog? Did you think it would take off as it has?

DD: I did not think it would take off so fast. I knew many people would find it amusing (I even love watching myself dance). However, I had thought that it would get some hits for about a month and then die off.

KC: What have been some of the more bizarre reactions people have had to your blog?

DD: Well, some people completely hate it and think I am sick. But others follow my blog religiously, saying that they cannot live without their daily dance. I disappointed many people when I dropped down to three dances a week, but I felt that was something I needed to do to preserve my energy. Probably the most touching reaction I have gotten was when a family sent me a picture their 4-year old girl had drawn. It was after I fulfilled their "Chicken Dance" request, and it was a picture, in crayon, of myself and her.

KC: Would you chuck your programming work if you could have the opportunity to make a living from your dancing?

DD: I would not want to "chuck my programming work", as I love software development so much. However, if I could make a living from my dancing, I would be able to leave my current job and have time to work on my own projects, programming or otherwise.

KC: Who are your dancing inspirations?

DD: My dancing inspirations are characters like Napoleon Dynamite, who are geeks like myself, but don't let that stop them from sharing their passions for dancing.

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