June 15, 2005

Little KC is in the hizzie.

My daughter wants me to interview her for your reading pleasure, so here we go:

KC: What do you want to talk about?

Little KC: Uh, you have to ask me something.

KC: I just did ask you something.

Little KC: I did not know what you asked me.

KC: I asked what do you want to talk about?

Little KC: You have to ask me a question, I said. Do you get it?

KC: I get it, but I don't think you get it.

Little KC: Just ask me a question.

KC: OK, how are you feeling right now?

Little KC: Sick.

KC: Sick in what way?

Little KC: I feel couch sick.

KC: What's couch sick?

Little KC: I don't know. I just heard my parents say it. What do you think I am, weird?

KC: Uh, yeah.

Little KC: :Leave me alone. Just kidding.

KC: Seriously, what did you want to talk about?

Little KC: I don't know.

KC: Are we finished, then?

Little KC: Nope. You have to ask me more questions.

KC: OK, how are you enjoying your summer vacation?

Little KC: I don't know but this weekend Mikey is coming over and I'm going to Chuckie Cheese.

KC: So that's good?

Little KC: Yup. Only if I feel better, he can come over and then we're going to Chuckie Cheese this weekend which is in two more days.

KC: What if your're not feeling better?

Little KC: THen I'll have to wait a whole entire 'nother week.

KC: What else are you going to do beside Chuckie Cheese?

Little KC: I don't know. I guess go to church.

KC: So Chuckie Cheese and church, huh?

Little KC: Yup.

KC: That sounds like a pretty complete day.

Little KC: Then after we go to Chuckie Cheese, Mikey's coming over to my house for a playdate, if I feel better.

KC: Do you want more medicine?

Little KC: Yes.

KC: You're feeling bad again?

Little KC: Why do you ask so many questions? You're my mother.

KC: What do you want for dinner?

Little KC: I don't know. (general groan of misery) Can you just ask me questions about stuff that I know about and then I can give you the answer.

KC: OK, are you missing school?

Little KC: Nope, uh, yes and no.

KC: What are you missing?

Little KC: Mikey.

KC: Anything else?

Little KC: All my friends.

KC: Well, you'll see Mikey on Saturday.

Little KC: I know.

KC: Are you going to go to sleep now?

Little KC: Nope. I'm just trying to stay warm.

KC: Why don't you just tell me something? What's on your mind?

Little KC: Pokemon and Mikey and Chuckie Cheese.

KC: And what about those things is on your mind?

Little KC: I really don't know. My memory is short here people.

KC: You look sleepy to me.

Little KC: I am.

KC: Then go to sleep.

Little KC: I don't want to.

KC: Why not?

Little KC: I'm having too much fun telling you everything that I'm telling you.

KC: Are you excited about the new Harry Potter book?

Little KC: Yes, I wonder who's the new character.

KC: Who do you think is going die?

Little KC: Malfoy. He is evil. In number two, did you see how his father treated that house elf Doby?

KC: I did. Their whole family is evil.

Little KC: Yeah because Malfoy's father is a Deatheater. At first I thought Deatheaters were good because I thought they ate death but then I realized that they're evil in the fourth book.

KC: What are you doing?

Little KC: I'm telling you what I'm doing, I'm watching Pokemon and I'm laying down.

KC: So you're a multi-tasker?

Little KC: A what? What's a multi-casker?

KC: Someone who makes lots of casks.

Little KC: Oh.

KC: Really, a multi-tasker is someone who can do a bunch of things at the same time.

Little KC: I can even play my Gameboy and write a book while I'm laying down and watching Pokemon Dyoxis. I really can.

OK, I think that's about all I can take. This conversation is boring enough for me to go to sleep and I have to be interested because it's my kid.

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