June 16, 2005

The Fifth Day

Not to be confused with the Schwarzenegger classic The 6th Day, we have now entered Day Five of The Fever. We haven't heard back from the lab yet about the kid's urine sample. We looked at WebMD last night and it said children usually run higher fevers than adults and that it's not uncommon for relatively high fevers to run three or four days with no other significant symptoms. It went on to say that in such cases, it's usually nothing to worry about. What the hell do they know, anyway? She is at daycare today because it's treasure chest day. She's on the Motrin, so we'll just have to see, I guess.

I've been so caught up with talking about fevers and toilets that I have not written about the incredibly stupid thing my friend's husband (I'll call him Dufus) did the other day. My friend and another friend went to drop some things off at Goodwill or something and left all the kids with Dufus. Well, Dufus told them if they weren't back by 4:30 so he could go to baseball practice, he was going to leave. My two friends laughed because he was obviously joking. Now there were four children left in Dufus's care: his two sons aged three and eight and the other friend's two daughter aged four and six. When the two friends returned at 4:35, they were greeted by Dufus waiting in his van at the end of their very long driveway. Once my friends pulled into the driveway, he pulled out and left. That means he left all four kids in the house, unsupervised while he sat in the van waiting to drive away the second he saw my friends. By the time my friends got to the house, the youngest boy was running around naked. Anyway, this led to a very serious talk between my friend with the daughters, her husband and Dufus because Dufus obviously has no proper judgement when it comes to the care of children. Dufus is the same parent who wanted to leave his son sleeping on the couch at 6:00 am, alone, to get ready for school by himself before I could pick him up and take him to school. Of course that never happened because I told Dufus if he did not bring that child down to my house when he left for work, I was going to be at their house at 6:00 am to collect him myself. Basically, this guy was more concerned about being late for baseball practice than making sure all the kids were safe. He's an idiot. Anyway, that's all I'm going to say about that because thinking about Dufus makes me want to hit something.

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