June 17, 2005

Good news and bad news.

The good news is my daughter's fever has finally broken. Yay. If she would have still had a fever this morning, I was supposed to take her into the doctor's again. Last night she told me to pretend she didn't have a fever today no matter what. I didn't realize she hated going to the doctor's office. The bad news is that she's in the office with me today because her daycare is closed for the day and this chick is BUGGIN'. Going hand in hand with being well again is that she now has her usual energy level and desire to get into stuff. Right now, she's typing at about 500 words per minute on the typewriter and the sound of it is driving me insane. She's writing a love story, she tells me.

"Because it's your favorite kind of story, Mom," she explained.

You see what I bitch I am? She's furiously typing out a completely nonscensical love story for me and I'm complaining about the noise. OK, wait, she says it's done. She's just asked me if she managed to type any real words. We found it, full and kook. Actually, it is a love story, isn't it? Of course, she only turned to the typing after she'd finished cleaning the coffee stand with a sponge envelope moistener. Now she rummaging through the supply drawer trying to find pens. Now she wants me to print some Pokemon pictures off the internet. Now she's standing on a chair dancing while singing a Pokemon song. This is all happening in real time, by the way. Now she wants me to interview her again. Do you want me to interview her again? She says yes. I'll make it short.

KC: Why do you want me to interview you?

Little KC: Because it's fun.

KC: What's fun about it?

Little KC: It's just fun.

KC: But you never say anything.

Little KC: Hey you can't barely write on the computer.

KC: What do you mean?

Little KC: As I sit here on your back, I'm always seeing you erase some words because you're spelling them wrong. There.

KC: Nuh, uh. I'm a typing master.

Little KC: Typing masters never have to erase.

KC: I'm not erasing.

Little KC: Yes you are.

KC: What's the best thing that's happened to you this week?

Little KC: Treasure chest day.

KC: Just because you got some new toy?

Little KC: It's not a toy, it's bug catcher. I'm offended. Don't write that down, OK?

KC: I have.

Little KC: Why?

KC: People want to know what's going on.

Little KC: Why are you writing stuff I wasn't saying?

KC: You said everything I wrote.

Little KC: Tell the people about this weekend and that I'm going to Chuckie Cheese.

KC: We already told them about that on the last interview.

Little KC: Oh, yeah. You're writing yeah with an 'e' and you're writing...

KC: Yeah?

Little KC: What cha doing?

KC: I'm typing.

Little KC: I can't think of anything.

KC: OK, that's the end of the interview then. Good conversation. Good times, good times.

Little KC: You're weird.

KC: Weird but classy.

Little KC: Classy? What's classy?

KC: I've got style and grace.

Little KC: I thought you said this was the end of the interview.

KC: It is, bye everyone.

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