June 23, 2005

I'm a lazy slob.

I just can't motivate myself to do any work today. So far I've made tickets for my church's parish picnic in August, I've read a bunch of celebrity gossip blogs, I've looked at pictures of Hillary Duff's teeth, I've filled up my water bottle, and I've eaten two tangerines. Oh, I've also posted comments on other people's blogs. Basically, I'm doing whatever I can to fill the time and not actually do work. In some ways, I don't really have any work to do right now. I'm still waiting to get the new material for the next issue of one of my magazines, and I've just sent the other to the printer, so I'm in a real lull time right now. Lull, lull, lull. Just like waves, isn't it?

I've got to get cowboy boots for my daughter before she goes to Montana. There seems to be a significant dearth of cowboy boot retailers in this town since Dudes 'n Darlins went out of business half a year ago, which figures. We've been here eight years and that stupid store was open until I actually needed to get something from it. Oh the agony and irony. However, I am surprised that a place like Indiana isn't just bursting at the seams with Western wear stores. Isn't it proper etiquitte to wear cowboy boots while driving one's Ford Ram pick-up with the monster wheels and flame decals blazing at the side? Now, I know exactly where to go to get my truck all suped-up because, you know, that shit counts for something in these here parts.

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