October 06, 2005

You just never know what's going to smack you in the face.

I can't believe Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are pregnant. Well, I can believe they're pregnant, I just can't believe they'd go around telling everyone. How pregnant can she be? I didn't really want to make big news of it until I was at least through my first trimester. But, what, she's probably only two weeks pregnant or something. One can only guess because I have no idea when she's expecting. What I find more interesting about all of this is Tom Cruise's de-evolution as a sex symbol. Most people are like, "What? Eeeww." I can remember a time when some women might have said, "Ooooh, she's having sex with Tom Cruise? She's so lucky." I don't think anyone is calling Katie Holmes lucky right now. Not that I care whether or not a person has premarital sex or not, but I do think it's somewhat tacky to go around telling the world you're going to stay a virgin until you get married and then get knocked up before you get a chance to walk down the aisle. That's just poor breeding, as far as I'm concerned.

As my husband was telling me the news of the impending birth, he said that the news was reporting that Scientologists don't believe in pain medication during birth and that the mother is not allowed to scream during delivery because it will upset the baby. I had drugs when I had my daughter and I still screamed. Not easy to turn off the screaming during labor. What the fuck is wrong with these people? Of course, it had to be a man who came up with that stupid-ass rule. Don't scream while you're experiencing the most excruciating pain you will probably ever experience in your life. You know, that's fine as long as the woman gets to squeeze the man's testicles while she's holding in he screams. If the guy doesn't scream, then it's a fair deal.

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