October 05, 2005

Yo want some yo-yo tricks I got yo yo tricks for you all day long

So you want to learn how to do yo yo tricks huh. The thing that most people don't understand with yo yo tricks is that they are really easy as long as you truly know how to yo-yo. The secret is mastering the stall
once you can master the stall you can do any yo yo trick you want to do. the stall is throwing the yo yo down and making it stay down until you flick your wrist and the yo yo rides up the string. To master the stall you must first master the toss. to toss a yo yo you do not just let it go from your hand and sort of push down for momentum. To properly toss your yo yo you must hold it in your hand palm up with the yo yo facing the sky, center groove lined up with the finger the string is on. (I use my middle finger because it helps me keep the yo yo centered an important thing later). next you fling the yo yo down over that string finger (imagine the girl from my cousin vinny describing her biological clock but more fluid and down ward not sideward). You have thrown the yo yo down the palm is face up. as you have thrown down the yo yo smoothly not jerkily roll your hand over so your palm is facing down. At this point the yo yo should be spinning at the bottom of the string "stalling" you can stall for a second or for as long as you want, or the yo you stops spinning at which point its not stalling any more its dead.

In order to make the yo yo race back up the string all you have to do is swiftly but not majorly hard is snap your finger or wrist up. and the yo you will ride up the string. That is the basis for any yo yo trick. Now. . . for your fateful walk the dog. Stall the yo yo as discussed above. as its stalling at the bottom of the string simply mildly drop it on the ground in front of you and walk along as the yo you rides on the ground and sucks up line. when you want to fully rewind the yo yo pull up with your arm then as the yo yo comes up into the air. put your arm down towards the yo you to sort of make it "defy gravity" and suck up the line without tension so you can get it all reeled up then throw it again. Its as easy as that. Next week join us for the other fundamental base for all other tricks. the pendulum.

Till next time kids!, keep on yo'in!

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