October 04, 2005

Podcasting addict.

That's me. I'm listening to PotterCast with Melissa Anelli of the Leaky Cauldron. I also listen to MuggleCast with the boys from MuggleNet because they're funny. I'm finding these podcasts much more accessible than going to the websites because I can do other stuff while I'm listening, like writing this post. Isn't that just super cool? The MuggleCast boys make me laugh because they're teenage boys and they're silly. I like listening to them yell at each other because it reminds me of the kid from Trekkies who yells at the friend who calls him in the middle of his interview with Denise Crosby. That's what the MuggleCast boys are like when they talk to each other and one says something that one of the others doesn't agree with. I listen to the podcasts through iTunes. Also, there's one episodes of MuggleCast where one of the boys says, "Guys, guys, guys." And that makes me laugh because there was this one boy I knew in high school who used to always get dumped on by the other boys that I hung out with and they'd do things like wrap him up in a blanket and he'd frantically yell out, "Guys, guys, guys," because he couldn't breathe and stuff, but it was funny to me anyway. So, I would highly recommend listening to either one of those podcasts. Once I figure out how to get my own podcast up and running, I promise to be just as entertaining. I just have to figure out how to score the interviews with some famous people. I was thinking about how to try and interview Sean Astin because he's supposed to make an appearance at this Roasting Rudy event that's taking place here in South Bend next week, but it turns out it's just going to be a video feed appearance so I won't be able to corner him for an interview. I was devasted by the news, I assure you. We don't get many famous people here, you know.

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