October 03, 2005

Another Monday. Please God, let it end.

I'm talking about the work week, of course. I'm starting to think Mondays should be banned because I hate them most of the time. Did I tell you how they opened a Build-a-Bear in our mall over the summer? This is something I've been dreading because my daughter LOVES Build-a-Bear, almost as much Pokemon. Anyway, up until they opened the local store, she's only been able to go to Build-a-Bear during our infrequent trips to Chicago or DC. That was pretty good as far as I was concerned. Now, the constant and easy lure of Build-a-Bear has overly excited about mall trips. I hate the mall, so it's good that I don't go there very often; otherwise, I would come to hate the mall pretty quickly if I didn't already as I do, which I've just mentioned. What is this all leading up to? Well, she's having her birthday party there in a few weeks. I booked the party about a month ago and she's been checking off the days until her party. She did a happy little dance on Friday when she realized it was finally October.

"I am now in my birthday month," she explained to me.

She has never been more excited about a birthday party in her life. Really, I think she's been anticipating this party more than Christmas morning. I don't know what it is she thinks will happen other than she'll end up with a new bear, but she's pretty familiar with the routine at the store. In fact, we were just there yesterday and she used some money she'd saved up to buy a new animal. It won't even be as if it's been a long time since she's been to the store before her birthday, so I'm pretty amused by her enthusiasim.

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