October 17, 2005

So close and, yet, it still doesn't mean a hill of beans.

Now, was that a game or was that a game on Saturday? I'm no Notre Dame football fan by any stretch of the imagination, but even I got into the game toward the end. How could you not? That game was everything college football is supposed to be in terms of excitement and good, old-fashioned fun. Of course, all the ND fans in town were devastated, but it is just a game. However, I am so, so sad about the Penn State loss. I was really hoping we could have an unbeaten season since Joe Pa deserves at least one last killer year. Oh well.

It was interesting being in South Bend over the weekend, though, because so many people came in for the game. There were more limos and private jets coming in than for the Oscars or something of that nature. Everybody was getting all hyped up, spreading rumors about the celebrities in town. People were saying everyone from Jessica and Nick to Angelina and Brad were in town. I think maybe it was just Martin Short, in reality. Oh, I guess Joe Montana came in for the pep rally on Friday. Other than that, I'm not really sure who came in for the game. But it was definitely a high-energy weekend.

We're catsitting for one of my grad students and it's been an interesting night. We have a rabbit and chinchilla, and the cat apparently spent a lot of the evening scaring the shit out of the critters. My husband said he heard the chinchilla barking and generally spazzing out, and the rabbit stomping his foot in his cage. so he got up and tried to carry them down to the basement so he could get some peace and quiet, and since he was only half-conscious while doing this, dropped the rabbit cage, spilling all the contents of the cage onto the floor. I was awakened at 5 a.m. to very loud cat howling and the sound of the shop vac. Anyway, now the rodents are in the basement. The cat is not and everything should be OK. Hopefully.

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