October 20, 2005

What the...

K, when I got to work this morning I found my office door wide open and my lights on? It's weird, but it had the same shock value of coming home and finding my front door open. I was like, "What the freak is going here?" I went in and looked around, but nothing seemed out of place. I'm hoping it was just the cleaning crew forgetting to turn out the lights and close the door. But I'm still somewhat peturbed by the entire thing. If it was the cleaning crew, I think this place needs to get a new contract because the people cleaning the offices right now don't seem overly competent. I noticed they didn't even vacuum the carpets for months on end. I finally called and complained when I came in one day to find a mess of paper shredding that had accidently been spilled the day before. The fact that it was still there the next day indicated to me they hadn't even bothered coming into the room. Because if they had and just left that mess there, that's crappy job performance. Anyway, when I called building maintenance to ask how often they're supposed to vacuum, the guy told me every night and I told him that wasn't happening by any stretch of the imagination. Anyway, I've noticed since then that the floors seem to get vacuumed a little more often, but it's still not often. I've vacuumed the floor myself in the past if I can snatch hold of a vacuum every now and again. If I don't mind cleaning, then the people being paid to do it shouldn't mind, as far as I'm concerned.

Last night we did the pumpkin patch with my daughter and her brownie troop. It is absolutely amazing how excited a gaggle of little girls can get over the prospect of a hayride and pumpkin picking. What's not amazing is listening to that same group of excited girls sing the girl scout friend circle song over and over and over again. The only thing worse than that is then listening to them sing a song about the continents 50 times over afterward. Do you know how piercing the singing voices of little girls are? Yeah, by the end of the evening, I had a line of blood dribbling from my right ear. I think they popped my eardrum. It was fun though because I got to roast my marshmallows. That was a good thing.

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