July 29, 2004

What's up Sweetcakes?

I just got off the phone with a man who called the office and ended the call by saying, "Thanks, Hon." He had a southern accent. I'm not saying this explains the use of "Hon," but it probably does. I'm always surprised when men use these type of words when dealing with women in a professional setting. It's no secret that most women don't appreciate being referred to as hon, sweetie, baby, or little gal in the workworld. Why does it still happen? I think it's because so many men can no longer rely on the "old-boy" network to succeed today the way they used to, and they use these terms to create an environment of hostility. They're trying to throw women for a curve and get them all flustered and emotional. Personally, I'm not intimidated by it, but it does get me steaming mad. It makes my eye twitch.

We spent a really pleasant evening at home last night with our friends Chris and Sue from DC. I feel old now, though. The last time we saw them, their oldest son was still a toddler, and the youngest a baby. Now they're 11 and 8. Our daughter had a great time playing with them. They all got along really well. We spent the entire evening talking and reminiscing about the "old days." We laughed particularly hard over the time Chris helped my husband and I move into our first apartment together. It was February and there had been a recent snowfall. My husband lived in Dupont Circle, which is in the city, and this guy who lived a couple of buidlings down asked Chris and my husband to help him get his car out the alley. He couldn't get out because he couldn't get any traction in the snow. Anyway, he got in the car and Chris and TIm tried pushing him out, but it didn't work. He was sliding too much. So they asked him if he had an kitty litter they could sprinkle under the tires. He says sure and comes back with some that he spreads behind the wheels. He gets back into the car and revs the engine. When he does that, the tires spin and pelt the two of them with the kitty litter. They manage to get him out and when they come back to finish moving the furniture out of Tim's apartment, I notice that they smell like shit--cat shit to be exact. The guy and put down USED kitty litter and basically sprayed the two of them down with shit and piss. He was driving a Jaguar, which I think explains his intelligence level. Anyway, we laughed pretty hard remembering that one. :-)

We hit the road tomorrow evening for our two-week vacation. As I mentioned before, I don't know what I'll be doing from day to day as I've left all planning to my husband. However, I do plan on checking in with audio posts so that you can all share in our wonderfully exciting adventures on the road.

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