July 27, 2004

Does Naked really work?

I've been looking at a blog that suggests one can increase their hit count by merely mentioning a naked celebrity. Brad Pitt Naked. I'm going to see what that does. Sting Naked. Surely someone is interested in seeing Sting naked. Lenny Kravitz Naked. Lenny shows off too much of himself as it is, which would be fine except that he ends up revealing too much of what a freak he is. What's with the nipple rings, Lenny? Is it wrong that whenever I see a man with nipple rings I just want to grab it and rip the thing right out? It's really more out of curiousity than anything else. I'm not particularly offended by them or anything, but there's something about a ring hanging there like that. It's like the ring in bull's nose. If I ever saw one in real life, I'd want to pull on that thing too.

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