July 14, 2004

Makes you think.

I've linked to a new blog. Life in Debt. Anyway--not to make any of my fellow bloggers nervous by making you wonder what people must think of your deepest thoughts--this guy is seriously messed up. He's 33 and apparently suffers from a spending addiction that has sent him down a very troubled path. Assuming everything on the blog is true, he is tortured. There's no doubt about that. Reading his blog is like watching a car crash. Just go read it for yourself. But my main reason for pointing out this link is because he confesses to his infidelity. The fact that he's cheating on his wife isn't what's necessarily so shocking. Rather, it's disturbing to me how nonchalant the whole thing is. He feels bad about it, but it all seems to happen so casually--as if by accident. "Ooops, so sorry about my penis falling into your vagina like that. Do pardon me." It makes me wonder about men in general. Not that I think all men are destined to wander, but when it does happen, is this how it happens.

I had an anthropology class in college where the professor said the only animals who mate for life are those where the male and female are externally, virtually indistinguishable from each other. Like Gibbons. This means there aren't many species that naturally mate for life. He called male mate-for-lifers 'dads' and the rest 'cads.' Did you know that male chimpanzee have been observed to basically 'gang-bang' female chimpanzee? They rape them. Obviously, they're cads. Anyway, from a stictly biological point of view, human men would be cads. This raises the question, then, whether or not humans fight their internal programming by forcing themselves into monogamous relationships. Just so you know up front, I believe anyone who would try and use this line of thinking as a serious justification for cheating is an ASS. But I'm playing devil's advocate right now. So is this how a person ends up in an extramarital affair? They just fall into it. I do find it interesting how people try to deny their free will by suggesting they "can't help themselves." What does that mean? This is not a topic I spend any time pondering upon, but Debt's blog just got me wondering.

P.S. Although I said I wasn't planning on placing many audio posts, I think I just might end up doing that while we're on vacation next month.

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