July 01, 2004


Well, I must say I am feeling tres excited today. My good friend Jeanine flies in tomorrow morning from DC, and we will then be heading down to Kentucky to visit our other good friend Michelle. Michelle (the Michelle I interviewed some posts back) just had twin girls and we're on the way to see them. It'll be great to see everyone, but it will also be great to see someplace new. I've never been to Louisville, so it's a little mini-adventure for me, as well. However, road tripping today is a little different than it used to be. We will be taking the child, so no beer. Sob, sob. But seriously, I certainly don't condone drinking and driving. It's a joke, people. Chill out. I haven't seen Jeanine since her wedding about three or four years ago. It'll be so much fun.

My husband has to get his pupils dialated for his yearly diabetes-related eye exam. He wanted me to go with him to drive back home afterwards, but he realized he could probably handle it on his own. I will, however, have to figure out ways to mess with him tonight since his vision will be all screwed up. Maybe I'll purposefully shove things in his face like they do with 3D movies. I don't know that that will actually do anything, but it'll be fun experimenting nonetheless.

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