July 09, 2004


I am tired. It's just the end of the week, I guess. I'm sitting here trying to decide if I'll drag my lazy ass to the gym to run after work or not. I love the internal debates I have when it comes to exercise. I really do enjoy it, and I always feel good after I've run. The problem is when I'm sitting here and I fell soooooo tired, I convince myself it's more trouble than it's worth. No, I'll go run because I've been traveling and I haven't gotten into the gym yet this week. Why are all Sinead O'Connor's albums after the first one crap? What happened?

The magazine is supposed to come from the printer today. We'll see if that actually comes to pass. My friend Elena stopped by last night with the girls and the baby. He's only a week old, but he seemed pretty alert in the eyes. He kept his eyes steady and focused. He is a cute little monkey. You just forget how helpless they are when they're that young. You know, just a floppy bag of skin and bones wrapped up nicely in poop. The one thing I've always wondered about with babies and poop is how they get the projectile pooping up the back. Tell me how it's possible from a physics point of view. Seriously, from which angle and at what speed is the poop coming out of their butt so that it ricochets perfectly off the diaper to blast right up their back? In the whole scheme of things it wouldn't be so bad if this incredible projectile pooping happened when you had a change of clothing and loads of wet wipes. But, of course, that's not when it happens. Not ever.

But it is so obvious to me when I see little new-borns that I am perfectly happy with the one child. She really is all I need, And I love the size of our little family. It's the perfect size to me. I never get those odd urgings for another one when I hold a baby. Doesn't do a damn thing for me, thank God. We're at three weeks and counting until we leave for our vacation out to Washington state. It should be a really good time. My husband and I haven't had a really nice, leisurely road trip since our honeymoon. I'm really excited about showing my daughter all the tacky tourist stops. You know life ain't nothing till you've seen the biggest ball of twine in the world and a two-headed snake.

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