July 26, 2004

T-minus four days and counting.

Well the countdown to vacation has begun. I haven't been on vacation since last summer, so I really need one. My husband has planned the entire trip. I told him I just want to get in the car in the morning and not think about anything. And I don't want to rush. We'll stop off to visit my sister in Missoula, but other than that, I have had no input into the planning of this trip. Should be interesting how it turns out.

I'm wondering about Gillian Anderson. Is she British? I watched this episode of Graham Norton where she was on as a guest and she was speaking with a British accent. I thought she was American. Graham Norton showed her pictures of where she lived as a child in England, but I never totally got whether she's actually British or not.

Man, I am tired. I'm sitting here wishing I could just lie down and take a nap. Maybe I will. I've actually tried that before, but it doesn't work. I lock the doors and turn off the light and lie down but I'm always paranoid someone will coming knocking and the lag time in getting to the door will seem weird and then they'll suspect something is going on and when they see I'm the only one in the office, they'll know I was trying to take a nap. I had a supervisor once who actually kept a camp mat in her office for naps. She'd tell us she was going to snag a snooze and close her door. I used to think (well I still think) that she was a complete moron. And she really used to wonder why none of us in the office had any respect for her. She'd also have to write everything down on a sticky note. Her entire office was decorated with sticky notes. I used to contemplate putting up random sticky notes with any old shit written on them just to create an altered reality. You know, stuff like "Pick up dry cleaning," or "Meeting with Dr. V @ 3:00." I never did it, but I should have. It would've been funny to see if she actually did the things I left on the notes.

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